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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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please please. please . boss now says piling new sanctions on north korea is not the way to work as the united nations looks into countdowns controversial failed rocket mark. do you want to start to send more observers into syria as a draft resolution as laid out before the security council with persistent reports of clashes inside the country. and meet news makers and opinion formers right here on our t.v. . coming soon to a screen name you julian ourselves is highly anticipated new program is on its way to r t joining me for more in just
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a moment to find out what's the world's most wanted whistleblower has in store. now and thanks for joining our team that's friday it's five o'clock here in moscow i'm karen taraji russia has expressed regret over north korea's controversial rocket launch but it's calling for restraint and diplomacy as the u.n. security council is preparing for an emergency meeting over what action to take against pyongyang the launch and did in failure as the rocket plummeted into the scene moments after a tank off south korea japan and the u.s. suspect the north tested an intercontinental ballistic missile something else banned from doing by u.n. resolutions going insists it was trying to send a satellite into orbit russia maintains the north has a right to
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a peaceful space program and our cheese peter oliver has all the developments. the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has been speaking alongside his chinese and indian counterparts to be holding a meeting here in moscow that meeting dominated by the fallout from this failed rocket launch. coming out of north korea. expressed russia's regret that the launch had taken place but said. it was concerned putting more sanctions on north korea wouldn't really do any good when it came to stopping these type of launches taking place perhaps in the future no said symons was backed up by the chinese foreign minister saying china was opposed to any form of sanctions further sanctions being placed applauded yeah and now this goes against the sentiments we're hearing coming out of countries like the united states south korea and japan those three nations have expressed concern deep concern out they say this rocket launch in fact saying
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that it wasn't the trying to pull a satellite into space is the north koreans it said that it was in fact a cover for a test of a long range intercontinental ballistic missile something which north korea is prohibited from trying to to carry out it's expected that those three countries are mentioned the united states south korea and japan may try and call for sanctions something that russia of not. saying the pull was the only way to try and find a solution we convinced the challenges it must be political and diplomatic means we're calling on all sides concerned restraint responsible and committed. me for what the u.s. is saying that north korea is have gone back on promises that were made earlier this year they said that they wouldn't test any further rockets in exchange for
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food eight also reports coming out of south korea. the north could be preparing a nuclear test now this would be the third time that they conducted such a test the u.n. have been involved several resolutions have been on the table regarding north korea's nuclear program. all of this is happening against the backdrop of the united states the thing up there presence in the asia pacific region now the reasons for this that have been given from d.c. is that the united states was the move their focus away from military focus away from the middle east towards that asia pacific region to try and keep an eye on nations like china and like iran better specialists think south korea is just trying to stand up for its rights and its sovereignty so all part of a negotiating ploy will be it will be american. technology and make some concessions to the same time they have to stand up
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from often regarded as a sovereign rights and russia. and china are quite right to point out every country has a right to launch satellites to house. peaceful a space exploration and say that no one should have like violates international law i think and it's not quite correct certainly it's violating the united nations sanctions when you know that is really an american friend wait around there is a lot of tension round. and. round from from you on young young young years just to get you know cannot it back and have these sanctions so far. well today we're asking you what you think the international community should do to resolve north korea's rocket controversy you can log on talk to dot com to cast your vote in our online poll about how the issue should be dealt with here's
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what you think so far a majority sixty percent say the world should show goodwill by giving the north a satellite already and it won't affect one in five you are so just turning a blind eye eleven percent say deploying anti-missile systems in the region is the solution and the rest eight percent are calling for more sanctions against the old tell us what you think cast your vote at power to dot com. coming up on r t the election fear factor french politicians including nicolas sarkozy are turning to fall right roderigo and are accused of isolating muslims present next week's presidential ballot. from the russian church is that the i obeyed media storm but it's nothing to do with preparations for this weekend's orthodox easter find out why the hostile winds are blowing in just a few minutes. the u.n. observer team is on standby to enter syria to help monitor
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a fragile cease fire there it's now waiting in approval resolution from the security council envoy kofi annan says forces in the country have not yet fully complied with the terms of the peace deal as reports emerge all of clashes near the turkish border are just going to get you can has been looking at the latest you one draft. it calls for all parties in syria to immediately cease all armed violence in all its forms that's a quote it would also authorize an initial deployment to syria of up to thirty on armed un observers to monitor the sites compliance with kofi annan six point plan will hurt the syrian envoy to the united nations say that syria is ready to accept the observers and that it's determined to stick to the plan in the meantime the russian ambassador to the u.n. reiterated that russia is very supportive of the plan and does everything it can to make sure the cease fire holds it's crucial for the monitors to be on the ground to
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make sure that the new transgressions of the of the current state of the world and is going to be detected there's a lot of skepticism here in washington about kofi annan plan the u.s. accepted the plan but it almost at the designated it as doomed even before the plan had a chance to work but so far it has worked violence has reportedly stopped the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice this for describe it as quote a brief positive step obviously implying that the cease fire is not going to hold and maybe not commis rise that too many it's clear that the ball is now in the court of the syrian opposition the last thing we heard from them was that they were going to organize mass demonstrations but we didn't hear much about their plans on engaging in a dialogue with the government take a listen to what the russian ambassador had to say about that i'm very concerned that in the use of sort of large gatherings of people the possibility of provocations will be greatly enhanced so instead of instead of. demonstrations.
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there is must finally formulate their attitude towards political dialogue so far the main point of diplomatic big crane over syria has been the one sided approach of the us in a number of other countries and i would put all responsibility in the hands of president assad and would never address the. opposition whereas russia has been the same all the way and that is all parties must lay down their arms but with this resolution which appears as more impartial which calls for dialogue and addresses all sides of the conflict one may argue there is finally hope for the much needed consensus in the international community that is of course if the resolution comes to pass and the chances are it will with president assad's reforms apparently being a parliamentary elections due in may syrians hope the un back cease fire will help make the change a reality on a boy to reports from damascus. damascus greeted the ceasefire with
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a sunny day and high spirits rather than steeped in parts rather than streets and sprinklers not bullets all that needed to argy yeah this picture perfect morning was laden with fear and uncertainty as them a scenes anxiously awaited news from the north. biggest wish now for the ceasefire . rule long when you could want the streets without fear include at least one day without hearing that somebody was killed. that wasn't the case in the rest of the country on thursday or c.d.'s were rocked by three blasts that killed and injured twenty five hearts though that is in a country that has grown accustomed to a daily death toll exceeding one hundred even that could be seen as a step forward. everyone here regardless of religion or politics wants one thing for syria and. the capitals all bizarre business is slow many locals are pressed for money and to risk their few and far between the centuries trade was serious
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best antidote to sectarian or religious conflict but it's politics that draw a wedge between syria and communities relieve to gather you know here. the muslim everyone in the mosque and. in. the homes and we like the beast it was big dam a scene stories that once held syria to ward off european crusaders some fear that syria may become the target of yet another mortar and a western conquest it would again seek to impose its values this time it twenty first century weapons. bludgeoned of the infallible dumbest influence isn't prefaced possible for syrians seeing themselves as a nation of great warriors who value poller above everything else but a revolutionary violent strain the country more and more syrians are far more eager
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to after five another part of their cultural heritage that host of a peace loving peace cherishing nation. he's true that syria doesn't have a long record of political pluralism the main rallying cry of the opposition but there are efforts to change that nine political parties for a graduate student in recent months some of them openly seeking to challenge the dominance of the baath party. we used to have three times whose religion sex and politics at least we can talk about politics now that there is a member of the party of supporters it can boast only fourteen hundred people so far they're still figuring out the details of their political agenda but the first says he's pretty certain of the means it will not use to achieve it. but it's true that the regime has a long way to go to make our political system more inclusive but we also have to
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agree that using any kind of violence in politics is unacceptable all existed by compromising with your rivals and you can't do that while shooting many here is saying that if there is any force that can unite syrians these days is the opposition the opposition to war it's unavoidable artsy damascus syria. remember to head to our web site r t dot com for more news including a stony and so much hunt archies correspondent is tagged in a list of the country's enemies find out who else tolland considers a threat to its security. also mount is a wrong thing in sicily and we've got more amazing video of europe's most active volcano all mine for you at our top called. there's been much buzz and mystery about the world's most famous whistleblower and his forthcoming show on our t.v. and it's finally happening next tuesday when julian assange program premieres on
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this very channel archies laura smith caught up with him and got a sneak peek of what's waiting for you. the first episode of the show will be broadcast on cheese day april seventeenth so that's this choose day coming and we even together really hoping this is going to be an explosive new show i can't tell you the name of the first guest you'll have to choose name yourselves to find that out on tuesday i can tell you that they are all opinion formers some of them dissidents and some of them have never been interviewed before on english language television the first guest is particularly controversial and according to julian in the wake of the interview highly charismatic so you can find out what that's all about i met with him recently and i talked all about the show how he chose his guests why he decided to do it and of course he spent a lot of time sitting on the other side of the interview as desk and he told me a bit about his disenchantment really with the mainstream media and why he chose
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r.t. to cost first this show the themes of trying to report green card. in the marines. meet. the river. currents gently or not this week coming up the week in which the first show's going to be broadcast is really a week of anniversaries for him both personal and professional it's going to be five hundred days since the investigation into these allegations of sexual assault by two swedish women began now we've seen that the requests for his extradition go through the courts here in the u.k. talk to the supremes courts and that case finished at the beginning of february that's ten weeks ago now we still don't have a verdict we are expecting it possibly to come next week but there's still no set date for that verdict to be handed down and still after five hundred days no charges have been laid against him it's also five hundred days since the wiki leaks
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bank accounts were first frozen so that has made funding for wiki leaks very difficult. and threatening that whistle blowing organization all together and really that's what makes this program so unique the fact that it was conceived of thought of while i saw it was virtually living under house arrest here in britain awaiting this verdict on his extradition. first of all being on the house was sort of long it's nice to have an occasional visitor and want to learn more about the world and given the conversations we were having quite interesting to write about what other people what was going on that's one reason the second reason is that as someone who's given a moment before i'm just being on the receiving end or very aggressively into new styles i found that i wasn't giving much writing in the sentiment or pretty quickly to just give some sort of step and it's a principled stance so people don't take it out of context and i want to have
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a different sort of approach with the people and why but approach has been difficult and sometimes i think it's also it's excitement and gravely it's all very interesting and important people are not normally going to go because they're not dealing with the story and you know if you meet with someone and it's under house arrest. and going through legal problems and break ins and outs so you can see the full version of that interview on monday the sixteenth of april and that will be followed hot on the heels by the first episode of the program on tuesday the seventeenth of april we're still awaiting a verdict so i'm going as fast as extradition but we are quite glad that he's managed to make this program before whatever happens to him happens temp obviously his main fear has always been that he will be extradited from sweden to the u.s. . there hasn't been anything yet more t.v. . it is to get the maximum political.
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the source material is what he sure was and. we wanted to present. something of. but the french set to choose their next president just over a week politicians are rushing to secure last minute support growing immigration and fear of terrorism are being used by some candidates to sway voters of president sarkozy who seeking a second term among the front runners in the charge to the right artist s. r. so he reports from paris and he immigration and to europe antiglobalization and advocates of protectionism all in the name of the french state and national identity. there is not
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a single french person now one european who does not know that i am a sworn enemy of the european single currency buskers that is radical islam is a direct consequence of mass immigration that's the left and the right imposed on us for decades this is not no. traditionally on the fringes of france's national politics the rhetoric of today's far right may no longer be as far off for its citizens as it once was opinion polls suggest the presidential candidate marine le pen of the ultra right wing national front party is third with potentially ten million votes its biggest support base ever there is no pussy of friends. and french. doesn't go there in the world but. we don't want. people to have one. of the different communities but. together.
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it's globalization destroyed inside and. mtr look then with her calls for economic patriotism prioritizing france over europe its native citizens over others of giving the french back their jobs. and center right incumbent nicolas sarkozy stands accused of jumping on the far right bandwagon some say for the ballot sake. our integration system is getting worse and worse why because we have too many foreigners in our territory threatening to withdraw from the shang and border free agreements by no coincidence at a time when europe is seeing an influx of refugees fleeing conflicts in north africa and the middle east this is a break electoral shift so we'll have to see in the legs and what it will do is. sarkozy knows pretty well as he was elected in two thousand and seven only because
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he was able to catch. the national front and know the situation. some say that what was once a protest vote is now a more permanent part of the french political spectrum. there is certainly a part of the electorate who vote for the reasons of dissent but i think it must now be recognized even if it's difficult to accept that the vote for the national front is increasingly a vote of support. increasing prominence of right with rhetoric in france especially the lead up to the presidential elections it's clear what's more difficult to decipher is whether the growing support for the right reflects the direction of the fratricidal values i stated or is simply a knee jerk reaction to everything the french see wrong in their country just are so your artsy. now on to some other world news the prime minister beginning carlos gomez to near a hospital arrested by soldiers in an apparent coup soldiers attacked his residence
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with heavy weapons seizing the primary in advance of a runoff presidential election later this month which he was expected to win he's opposed by the army which also took control of key buildings and a radio station in the whole time nation and military spokesman said it didn't want to take power acclaim the prime minister planned to bring angolan troops into the country. officials who served under egypt's out's leader hosni mubarak are being banned from running in a presidential election that's according to a new law which has been passed in the parliament but still has yet to be approved by the ruling military council the move follows of these surprise candidacy announcement of former vice president and intelligence t.v. under mubarak that's omar saluting on egyptian protesters plan a million man march to pressurize the country's past the.
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orthodox believers are celebrating easter of this weekend but away from religion the church is in the center of a media storm over a radical female punk rock band and the patriarchs the disappearing watch as an isa now explained some suspect there is an organize negative p.r. campaign against the church. leading up to the most celebrated russian orthodox holiday of the year the church found itself surrounded by scandal and in not so holy hot water. again at least. from girl ponders pussy riot who preach their anti putin protest in song at christ the savior cathedral to the watch on the patriarchs wrist that was and then wasn't an official website photos the church has been in the spotlight for months and some think it's probably no coincidence. or monitoring issues there's
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a clans and active campaign against the church. patriarch ariel's wristwatch with a price tag of some thirty thousand euros became the talk of the russian blogosphere over photos with a piece obviously brushed out in official pictures online of course some of the sensation is connected with the scandals ability to make news put someone through nice stories into the news for example departure has always had a watch photos have been on the website for years social media monitoring analysts find that on line activity on the church usually peaks around holidays like orthodox christmas in january but this year peaks continued throughout the spring and some not even during scandals but just after and before making sure the wall didn't drop and blogs tweets and spoofs kept flowing.
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and someone starts calling simple patriarch complicated and expensive watches the kids it's all part of a complaint not say good for mikey but to send russia upside down. but critics argue the church has become hysterical and oversensitive deeming all liberals anti church in attracting negative publicity including their harsh reaction to the punk protests. i agree with people who or very seriously criticize their behavior. but it was. not or criminal investigation for. cork unfortunately for the female rockers from pussy riot though it is they're now in detention for their stand awaiting trial that could see a maximum sentence of seven years in jail. the precarious watch has long been restored to photos and while pussy riot await their sentencing criticism of the
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charge continues but monitoring experts who believe a lot of the bad p.r. is being deliberately exaggerated i also believe there's more where that came from and it's not going to start at the watch and he's in now r t moscow. time for the business news with dimitri a not so person mistake on the markets why is that all it all started with her china reporting its g.d.p. figures lower than expected eight point one percent growth while eight point four was really expected so what's going on in europe right now is. down more than half a percent with the drug companies and software making stocks all leading the losses. over in russia it's looking a bit more optimistic the markets are flat and mixed with my six gaining point two percent cyclical what's moving the markets financial stocks are losing the bank is
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one of the biggest there's one point two percent. gas probably as an interesting stock in the spotlight today obviously it's up one point two percent on the back of new incentives as suggested by the government to stimulate companies extracting gas in the arctic on the arctic shelf but i see michael from u.b.s. says the suggested incentives are attractive but not attractive and. this i'm thinking yes that is huge here it's but i do think you're worth. of actually zero progress if. it's all related you know think of where those. people sixty percent of. your. legal framework because you know all the six. because the. interesting about this exploded you can
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be changed overnight because there's so. here's how the oil market looks at this hour meanwhile russia is a cold economic ministry as they get out as crystal ball and shed it's a full cost for prices in two thousand and twenty that they should be one hundred twenty two dollars per barrel and one hundred fifty eight dollars per barrel in two thousand and thirteen as for the fall over on the currencies market the euro is weakening versus the dollar on the back that the g.d.p. data coming out from china and russia is mixed it's a weaker against the dollar and stronger versus the euro in line with the global trend and i'll be back at the top of the hour to bring you the closing figures for russia's mark thanks for that. in a few moments a look back at the dollar consequences of all politics. and industrial catastrophe that left thousands that.
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